Our Affirmation

Although we use several different traditional affirmations of our faith in the liturgies we use (e.g., the Nicene Creed), the following affirmation was developed for the first meeting of the liturgical service, and has been in use (with minor variations) since then.

The congregation stands. The liturgist says:

Gracious God, You are the maker
of heaven and earth and humankind.

You brought the people of Israel out of bondage,
and inspired them to observe the Sabbath—
sign and source of liberation and rest,
renewal and fulfillment.

You called prophets and rulers
to proclaim and enact justice.

You met us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth—
announcing grace,
granting freedom,
ministering to the poor,
empowering women,
breaking down barriers,
building community,
suffering and crucified, yet alive.

You called the church to proclaim Your love—
to accept all people, to practice reconciliation,
to embody hope.

You preserve our past—
keeping rich memories alive,
making the past present in new ways,
and ensuring that nothing good is ever lost.

You draw us toward our future—
presenting new possibilities of grace,
offering new challenges for action,
creating new opportunities for joy.

We look forward to the redemption of history,
to freedom from death,
to the end of enmity,
and to the ultimate triumph of love.